Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thursday's Post.. A collection just started tonight!!

Happy Thursday!, I found this just today and thought I would just take the Liberty to repost it here, just because I liked it!

Hope you do too.

Here's to 'The Errant Wife,' for this post.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Group Post: I Came So Hard

There are some days that are meant for orgasms, days where there is nothing to be done but fuck, days that call you to bed for long, languorous hours - days where you awake, live and sleep as a slut for cock.

This was not one of those days. This was one of those days where you awake unpleasant, spend the morning bored, the afternoon enraged and have a drink on the way home from work to take the edge off - a day where the only fucking on the mind is telling someone else to go fuck themselves.

I was sitting with a friend having an early evening drink when my phone buzzed: Care to pop by? I replied: Not tonight, feeling unpleasant and having drinks. Are you still in town tomorrow? He answered: Give me half an hour now and then come back tomorrow for the evening.

I declined, he persisted, I gave in. Who would have thought?

He opened the door to his hotel room and put his finger to his lips: shhhhhh. I let him lead me inside, remaining quiet as instructed.

The living room of his suite was elegant and softly lit, the chair he sat me in plush and comfortable. He kneeled in front of me and kissed me, brushing my hair back from my face and nibbling my lip, running his hands up the side of my legs under my skirt.

I perched on the edge of the chair and kissed him back eagerly, pushing up against his perfectly angled body, one leg on either side of his hips.

He slid my panties off and pushed me back - having me lean against cushions while spreading my high heeled legs on either side of him, pushing up my skirt higher and higher.

He smiled at me and slid his fingers inside, watching my face as I arched up to meet his hand, rubbling my clit with his thumb and seducing me with his eyes. while I made soft noises of delight and encouragement.

He lowered himself between my legs and flicked me back and forth with his tongue, staring up at me and watching me enjoy his delightful work. Watching me watch him pleasure me thoroughly.

All saucy eyes, busy fingers and soft tongue he made me crazy in a matter of minutes. He made me make noises I have not ever made, he made me lift my body up to meet him, say his name, urge him forward.

I sat there at his mercy, body arched, muscles tense, fingers gripping his shoulders, the chair, my legs. I moved uncontrollably and utterly gave myself over to the moment, to him, to pleasure. I cleared my mind of everything except the feelings racing through my body.

I came so hard it shocked me. I came so hard it felt like the neverending orgasm. I came so hard I think every muscle in my body was involved.

That. Was. Awesome. I gasped. Utterly. Awesome.

Hello, he smiled.



I liked that one quite a bit,  reminded me of some delightful evenings...

Her Touch....

She came through the door, my heart bucked like a Godolphin Stallion at the anticipation of a starters pistol.  Her eyes met mine and I saw the ripple of recognition.  Her eyes widened, a smile starting as she quickened her pace to meet my own.  Her arms surrounded me and I was... home.  So tightly wrapped 'round my neck,  we stood, time slowed and I relive the moment in an instant.  Her scent teasing my nose as I burry into her mane of hair, her ear and slender neck mine to kiss and adore.  Long moments, no words spoken... Sounds receded as I felt the beat of her heart agaisnt my chest tight in her embrace.  We stood.  People moved around us unseen.  It didn't matter as that first minute passed...  I kissed her neck and whispered softly her name.  That special name only she knows.  The language forgien to most.  Menaingless to anyone aside from she.  She is in my arms and I am content.   The soft silken sheath she wears teases my senses as her breath warms and caresses my skin, her body heat enveloping me and caressing my soul.  Too much time had passed, any time apart really is far too long....  Present and past tenses meld as the moment grows a live in my heart.  I am complete in the moment... we are one.



check again, I will add to this....

Tantalizing Thursday's Tascent Telling Touch to Teaze, Tittalate, then Transport & Trancend to this Tascent Tryst....

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