Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Independence Day!!!

AMERICA - FUCK YEAH photo 1   
~Slightly reposted....

Happy Independence Day....!!

It was just before midnight, the pop and crackle just beginning to populate the usual nights crickets and bull frogs lonely strains of primordial amphibian eHarmony.... The house was quiet, save the sounds of the occasional splash in the tub through a partly open door. The monitor glowed in the half light, not work, nor play just idle cruising the pixelated worlds of the world wide web occupied his mind as he sipped tea and idly scratched the grateful hound behind his large overly warm ears....

The light drifting from under the door collapsed as the door opened slowly, she came into the room adraped in patriotic colors, naked but for a flag and a smile.... Not a word spoken, Just she, wet from the bath, tiny droplets coating her skin in the soft amber light of the room.
She moved with purpose, he shooed out the dog with a hurried scruff and quick scratch behind the ears, locking the door in a smooth motion as her fingers found the button on his shorts.

Her breath warm and moist on his shoulders as she seduced the zipper and tugged open his fly, dropping the shorts swiftly to the floor. He stepped out as his hands worked behind him exploring the soft offering draped in red, white, and blue.... The boxers lasted a second or two before her deft fingers slid them south releasing the rise hidden until now. He turned to greet her lips as one hand cradled his cock the other tugging his skiff shirt up his chest. His hands traveled around her drawing her closer his cock rising to probe her slick, smoothed sex. "Surprise," she whispered, pushing his naked body back towards the bed.

He sat back on the rumpled sheets as she arched her back offering her breasts with a coy smile....

The flag drooping lower as his pole rose to greet it. He opened his mouth to speak and her finger swiftly darted to greet them as she shook her head from side to side, her damp locks shimmering with anticipation.....

"Shhhh......" was the only sound she made as she curled her fingers around his cock, jacking slowly... She dropped to her knees slowly with that seductive move she picked up in the latest exercise class.

You know the ones, zoomba, or is it latin dance? Or even the pole and chair dance classes she was googling the week past, eyes a glitter in the early morning light. Robe and zebra slippers on her feet as she sipped her tea, sun rising beyond the window; the typical prim tigress of suburbia on her morning pixelated prowl....

Seamlessly she swallowed his cock. He shuddered with her relentless advance and practiced ease of a familiar woman aroused. Her velvet lips and throat casuing him to catch his breath as he reveled in her desires. Soft wet sounds met his ears as he felt the swell of her breasts pressing his thighs wider with each gobbling thrust.... Meweling deep in her throat, the vibrations aroused his hardening tool, the sounds arousing as she noisily sucked. She sucked. God, she did suck.....

Relentlessly she bobbed and licked on his cock, his hands gathering in her hair to slow and direct her blow. Readily she submitted to his direction, her only acknowledgement, a murmer of desire and a redoubled effort as her arms draped over his thighs, a hand then straying to weigh and fondle his balls. then slowly she drew off, sucking hard as she did. Pushing him back on the bed she crawled up alongside, kneeling to minister yet again to his cock. Offering her wet sex to his probing fingers. He probed, finger tips exploring her folds seeking her hardening pearl, marvelling at the wetness dripping freely.

He dropped all pretense, a thumb shot deep within her curling to massage her G spot as she moaned, his cock deep in her throat. He matched her rhythm and double teamed her as she shuddered in pleasure.... He knew she liked it....but she was a woman possessed! 

She rose suddenly, pulling off his thumb and rolled langoriously on her back. Raising her knees, thighs wide, a hand straying first to her lips, then breast to roll a nipple as he struggled to get up on his knees and move between her thighs. Her other hand lazily played with her own clit as she watched him; eyes aglitter, as if seeing for the first time the double coupons and free shipping her favorite store had suddenly offered. He smiled, knowing that look well as he thrust home and held, the pleasure of her quivering sheath more than he remembered. 

Time paused, sounds slowed... all there was, was her and the rhythm of their lovemaking draped in that flag, glowing in the amber light of the room.


God Bless America.....!!!!


...And a Final Salute to the Ladies!!!

Happy 236th Birthday America .................!



Chained_Heart said...

Loves this,so arousing, happy 4th V

Anonymous said...

So glad you slightly reposted this. :)

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