Monday, December 27, 2010

Erotic Flash Fiction

New From PB.... Anyone care to try?

Erotic Flash Fiction: "Flash Fiction Friday Challenge for 12-31-10

(Image source: , model unknown)

Your challenge for this Friday, 12-31-10, is to use the picture above to write a flash fiction of 66-86 words. Since everyone seems to be enjoying the required phrases, please use this phrase in your submission:

'...winter's kiss...'

As usual, nobody's checking word counts, or the key phrase, but you only cheat yourself if you break the rules. Unless you're breaking them to earn a which case, see me after class."

I think I will play this week!


"...winter's kiss..."
oh what bliss,
as the furs seduce my frozen miss,
i love...this...

"Strip for me...." he whispers in her ear.
"Now?" She looks up, a coy smile...snow swirling round...

"Yes, now...."

She rises, a little uncertain, a little aroused... no scratch that, very aroused.

"Will you cum watching ?" She whispers, her eyes bright...

"What do
think?" He answers low.... "you'll like it won't you?"
"Oh yes....oh yes...." She whispered as she rose..... 
Naked in the frigid air, nipples harden with the soft caress of her fur coat. Thighs spread with a smile, awaiting winter's kiss....



Jenny Swallows said...

Why am I suddenly thinking about dexterously placed ice cubes? xxx

Veritas said...

Grinz... playing with Ice cubes can be... fun. That and some warm tea to sip...
But I could go on and on...

What a lovely comment to wake up too!


Lisette.MacIntyre said...

perhaps there might be a nice hot tub in the near future?

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