Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Words Spoken....

I liked this too much not to re post and add to it....

No Words Spoken....: "Her Touch...."

She came through the door without warning, my heart bucked like a Godolphin Stallion at the anticipation of a starter's pistol. Her eyes sought and met mine as I saw the ripple of recognition. Her eyes widened, a smile starting to bloom as she quickened her pace to meet my own.

Her arms surrounded me and I was... home. So tightly wrapped 'round my neck, we stood.  Time slowed and I relive the moment in an instant. Her scent teasing my nose as I burrow into her mane of hair, her ear and slender neck mine to kiss and adore.

Long moments, no words spoken... Sounds receded as I felt the beat of her heart against my chest tight in her embrace. We stood. People moved around us unseen. It didn't matter as that first minute passed...

I kissed her neck and whispered softly her name. That special name only she knows. The language strange to most. Meaningless, to anyone aside from she. She is in my arms and I am content. The soft silken sheath she wears teases my senses as her breath warms and caresses my skin, her body heat enveloping me and caressing my soul.

Too much time had passed, any time apart really is far too long.... Present and past tenses meld as the moment grows alive in my heart. I am complete in the moment... we are one.



check again, I will add to this....I hope to complete each Thursday an instalment:)

Tantalizing Thursday's Tascent Telling Touch to Tease, Titillate, then Transport & Transcend to this Tascent Tryst...."


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