Saturday, January 1, 2011

Muse....Poetry for a New Year....1.1.11!!!!

My Muse....

 My Muse is a Mystery, to all but me,
Gracious, and kind, she sets me free,

All that I need, when I am but alone,
And when she is here, I need not a phone.

My Muse is blond, or dark and red,
Her whimsy a surprise I never dread,
My muse, the phantom, curled  lovingly within my head,

My muse is an angel, or devil, you see,
My muse is the goddess, and lover of me.
She is a fairy, perhaps fae, nay both, or so they say.
My muse makes my all cares and pains go away,

My muse, she dances and leads me on,
Wherever she is, the music is wonderful, fresh & strong.
My muse will not leave me, all by myself,
My Muse won't leave me alone, on the shelf,

She leads and I follow, I know not where,
But wherever she is, I have nary a care.
My Muse teases, when she is not there,
And hides but a little, to see if I care,

And when she is here, she makes me whole
She is on my mind, and in my soul.

My muse....


1manview said...

Cleaver, I like...

Have a great New Year....

Veritas said...

Thanks Bro! I write better when I am inspired.... Hope you had a great Holiday!!

Anonymous said...

Love this, you are very talented...

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