Thursday, April 5, 2012

Where the Nettle Meets the Thorn....

The words here are my own....inspired by one of my favorite musical artists, Snow Patrol.

May you find as much pleasure in them as do I.....

"Twas the wee, wee hours of the morn,
Off where the Nettle Meets the Thorn,

Deep...deep in that quiet Garden,
Hidden in the far...far corner of the Fenn,
That Garden of Earthly Delight,
Tipping, glimering near the edge of one's Kenn...
Sudden hearts surely skip at the sight,

Of Ruddy Wild Eire Roses,
Dancing Quietly in the Moonlight....


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Happy Redheaded Nymph of Spring....!

Just a Happy Redheaded Nymph of Spring....

Have a Happy Hump Day, its Just the Thing...

No Words Needed Today,

Just a Picture for Play....


Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Change is always difficult. All the things that we go through in life that are difficult for us are those very things that make us each special and unique. 

Even identical twins are not that, but different unique and distinct. 

These are precisely those things that make us who we are. 

It's important to take those difficult and painful things we each have in our lives and use them to not only allow ourselves to become stronger, but to also give to others, our help and strength. 

 To help those who experience the same things as we once did.

A dear friend wrote these words, I've paraphrased here.  She has gone through some incredibly difficult times in her life but her kindness and goodness and inner strength grows.  I am proud to know her and honored by her friendship. 

Considering it is Easter Week, oddly considering the decidedly Adult themes I explore here....but nonetheless, I think Inner Strength and Sacrifice and Reaching Out to help one's fellow man or woman, is precisely the message carried on a rough hewn cross through the streets of Jerusalem all those centuries ago....

I wish you all, dear Readers, kindness, forgiveness and passion for each day...


Sunday, April 1, 2012

April First....

Twas the First of April,
and she gave me a trill,

Warm lips on my own, woke me with a thrill,

Delving lower, she pleasured me with her considerable skill,

Then rising to whisper, soft in my ear,

"Until, sweet lover, until...."

And with that she smiled and rose,

"Soon," I murmered, reaching for her as she slipped off into the morning's dew....

April is the month for Lovers....find yours and kiss her well.

Then again....!

I believe I will dedicate this week to Lovers Unsaid.....  I look forward to hearing if my efforts meet with approval, from you, dear reader... from you.....


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