Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Strip....Renewed on Request

The Strip....Chapter One....


"Strip for me...." he whispers in her ear.

"Now?" She looks up with the tiny curl of a coy smile....

"Yes , now...."

She rises, a little uncertain, a little aroused... No, scratch that, very aroused.

"Will you cum watching me?" She whispers, her eyes bright...

"What do you think?" He answers, his voice low, pausing a moment as he looks into her eyes.... "and you'll like it, won't you?"

"Oh yes....oh, so, yes...." She whispers as she rises.....

Uncurling like a cat always at the ready; half seated and half crouched wearing but a tee and boy short panties, she rises a bit more and leans forward a little.  She closes to him smoothly pushing the chair back with her arms, giving him a little peak down her neckline as she arches forward in offering. Her hands move to her hips, tugging just a bit on her panties as her hips sway slowly to music soft, almost unheard....  With a fluid move, her fingertips move ever closer between her thighs feeling the heat and growing wetness through the silky fabric....  Her eyes betray the inner erotic predator as she circles her chosen.  "Her chosen," She thinks to herself, and smiles inwardly.

Sitting back, he watches her familiar feline moves... the girl, nearly naked in the thin fabric..."That's it baby girl..." he mummers..."tug that fabric. slowly now and show me how it arouses you..." His hand moves to his pants, already hard. His eyes stray from her mound to decolletage....a glimpse of breast, flushed and ripe, catching the gathering half light.

"It isn't a game," his eyes meeting hers.

"I know...." she whispers back looking deep into his eyes, searching....hips swaying....as the music pulses in the twilight.

His cock rises as he watches...."shall I tip?"

"Not ones...."

"I don't strip for singles...." a look passes....She laughs amused breaking the tension, her laughter bright like a crystal gobblet resonating with a sharp flick of a nail resonating in the quiet room.

"I don't tip singles.." He retorts with a grin as he tosses a hundred casually at her bare feet...."and I expect a happy ending..."

"I wouldn't give you any less..." Her reply deep and slow as she cups a full breast; a fingertip playing coyly at her lips.....

"That finger," he thinks in a rush, as he realises he is lost in her, utterly and completely once again.  "She knows," he thinks, "she has to...." 

She does, but keeps that bit hidden as she continues her seduction, the pleasure of pleasure coursing through her belly in a thousand tiny contractions.....

“Oh, just keep talking...tell me what you are going to do to me if you have me?”  She whispers in a sudden rush as her heart begins to race... A mixture of nervous arousal, rising desire and sudden self conscious uncertainty washes over her, triggered yet again by this familiar man.


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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this very much. Glad you renewed it.

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