Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Kind of Coloringbook Gurl are YOU?

I know this girl, quite a girl actually.  She is a real beauty in body and soul...and she comes up with the most oddly insightful comments.  This is one of hers....

"We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull. Some have weird names and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box.

Come join my village :)"

Playfully, V~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Vignette

The Vignette...

He hadn't meant to stop.  It was late and he realized he needed gas, pulling into the station he killed the motor and hopped out.  He wasn't particularly tired, though it had been a long day.  He looked up to slide the card and there she was.  He caught her eye and time slowed...he knew her from the hospital... but more directly, from his dreams.... 

"Hi..." she said first, cheeks blushing, eyes bright.

"Hey, how are you?" He replied after a pause, just long enough to catch her attention, yet not quite awkward. 

"Great, I just got off, I'm too wired to sleep" She said with a bright, soft laugh.

"Me too," he was quick to reply.  Then, realizing the brevity of his answer, he added, "sorry I am so talkative...," ending with a short laugh and a quick grin.

Her laugh filled the pump island like a nimble guitar riff and he realized why this girl had been haunting his dreams, she was fresh air and springtime in red headed bliss.  "Well Mr. Sleepless, let’s go watch the sunrise!"

"It’s a deal, your truck or mine?" 

"She peered into his and laughed, "you cleaned it out!"

"Yup, sure did.  Every year, like clockwork!"

Rolling her eyes she winked and turned, grabbing her receipt with a sharp snap.  She parked at the front corner of the Station and with a chirp and flash of lights returned, slipping into the seat beside him.  "Your seats are heated, and," glancing into the back, "roomier I think..."

"Room enough I think, shall we stop for a jug of wine and loaf of bread then?"

She paused slowly looking into his eyes, "no, just sunrise and," taking his hand, "your company..."

He looked down at their hands many times had he dreamt just this sort of thing?  "Just enough, just right..." His reply quietly uttered as he raised her hand to his lips.  "Just so..."

With a turn of the key he set off, the lake was near and the property huge and empty.  Settling in, the truck pointing eastward, he turned the radio low.  Her hand was still warm and soft in his as she leaned in and whispered softly in his ear.  "I've wanted this, you know that don't you?"  Her lips brushing his as she slowly slipped into the rear seat.  

No words spoken...none needed, as he followed in her trail.  Soft mewling sounds caressed and  greeted his ears as his hands began a delicate exploration of her soft valleys and hills, then delving deeper where the quiet waters lie.  Her soft moan, escaped with a shudder and her deeper kiss his reward.   He curled her in his arms as she shuddered in the receding tide of her release, a hand cupping a breast with a comfortable familiarity he had never known before.  "You're in my dreams..."
he whispered as he nibbled her ear....

"Mine too..."  as she ran her fingers upward across his thigh searching for a button...."mine too..."

Sunrise came as they lay entwined.  Scented sweat dried between her breasts a warm wetness binding them together as she slowly lubricated their thighs with his seed... His fluffy car blanket their only shelter as that daily red orb slowly peeked above the distant shore....



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Irish Nymph.....

Ruddy Mane Scented so Fine,

Leading down the Path of Pleasure and Sin,

Twas a Wee Freckled Lass,
Who Artfully
               and thoroughly

She was and is a Nymph Refined,
Naked and Blushing,
Full of Spark and Sass,
Long Legs
              to Seduce
                                   as they Unwind....

Oh yes,
              Twas a Wee Freckled Lass,
                                   Who Stole Me Heart,
                                                      Just Bold
                                                                           as Brass!

Her Seduction, Pure Art,
                  Artless yet Artfully applied,
Nibbling Kisses 
                 like Sweet
Bewitching her Seductive Smile 'n Twitching Irish Ass,

Nary a Day Doth Pass,
Lest I touch the spot she kissed, arms entwined....
Hiontach Sweet Mine.....

A Sip of Jameson's
Your Lips caress with a Dragonfly's Flutter,
Light and Fine....


I am feeling Especially Gaelic Today!  'Tis the end of a long and pleasant well finished with an impromptu Toast to Sweetly Tempt the Soul and Seduce the Mind.... 

 Willfully Played ...
Sonas ort!!

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