Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Soup to Serve, Apron and Heels, Nary a Stitch More....

Veri Alessi

This is a hearty, low cal soup that costs under fifteen dollars, feeds six to eight people easily and takes under a half hour to make, including clean up~! :)

There are a variety of soups, try them
all.  Inexpensive, low calorie and easy to pick up on line or at the
store.  I made Pasta Fazool, Neapolitan Bean Soup tonight. 
You will need:

2, 6 oz. Soups

3 pounds ground turkey

Salt & pepper

A few tablespoons of olive oil

A bit of grated cheeses or Parmesan
as you wish for presentation when serving, :)

Wine of cook's choosing.  (I like a
sweet Riesling or Pino Grigio, :) )

In a skillet, cook and slightly brown the turkey in olive oil, salt and pepper on high.  Watch and stir
until the soup is ready.  Drink wine.

At the same time, in a medium to large pot, heat 10 cups water to a boil.  I add a teaspoon of olive oil,
salt and pepper to the water as it heats. 
Once boiling, add the soups, stir to prevent sticking for one minute or so.  Then reduce heat to half, and leave uncovered for 12 minutes, add the turkey now and stir occasionally.  More wine?

The final soup will be thick with very little liquid.  A half cup to a cup is very filling and seems to stay
with you all day.  :)  Sprinkle a little grated cheese or Parmesan on top to taste and for appearance. 

Take the wine bottle to the table and share, hehe.  :)

I let is cool and store for the week in the fridge as a ready made snack or meal through the week.  It makes a huge amount of soup! :)

Enjoy!  V~

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