Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day favored Ladies!!
Whether you are a mother or one who opens her heart as a mother would in your daily lives, we are all better for the ways you all touch our lives and hearts...

I wrote this a year ago, It seems like a good spot to set it down to pixelated paper once again.....

The important thing I think to hold close to our hearts as we live our daily lives, is the joy we can all find in each other and the little delightful things we discover daily in our lives... Not every day goes the way we want. Most days, most things don't go the way we want, but....I heard a good thing well worth quoting the other day, it was:

       "You can't change yesterday, but today is wide open."

I hope Mothers Day is a good, joyful, relaxing one for all our mom's and nurturing “should be mom's”.... don't let the little things cloud the love....

Happy Mother's Day...

A mother so kind,
It is a rare, rare find,

She dwells within the heart,
Whether near or far, far apart,

Throughout the daily grind,
Her presence is there, always tucked deep in your mind,

Her smile and kind words, they rise and greet each day,
Her nurturing shows in both work and play,

A full heart's love; distilled and refined,
So many layers to peal, before revealing her complex mind,

All are parts of her generous heart,
A loving heat that shapes and molds a child from life's very start,

Oh Gentle World... be kind,
This day is Mother's joy to find.

Happy Mother's Day....



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