Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just a Bunny for Spring.....

Just a Bunny For Spring....

Hef's girls really aren't my thing....

(Well...once but it was a party and she was Miss June or July and in tight leather pants...but, I digress....)

But the ears  after all, are just oh so cute....

Naked save Collar and  french cuffs to boot,

And there is that tiny wiggle and wobble she makes,

As she smiles as if eager for both our sakes,

And moving closer while she ties her bow,

Leaning in, scented breath to my ear whispering,

                                        "I swallow,"

                                                                      "Don't you know?"

Said the Bunny, with a smile....Just for Spring....

Enjoy  the Beauty of the day (and hopefully my poetic efforts as well)...!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome Spring...!

Spring is in the air,

Birds sing, flowers bloom, begining to grow...

Carefree Maidens, naked and bare...

Banishing Winter with a flick of a toe,

Welcoming Summer's Frolic,

                               So soon to be here....

So Grab some Bolli and perhaps a Sombrero....

                        ....and by all means,  Smile!

Happy Spring, Dearest Friend!

(She does look just sooo happy, doesn't she......?)


(Just a short postscript, I have been a bit thoughtful, looking back at some of my work here. I don't see it as mysogenistic at all... but rather; empowering to see women BE women, free to simply BE. 

BE themselves...

BE free...

BE sexy,   BE mysterious,   BE carefree,

BE independent....

Life simply isn't this way, but for a short while, we can dream and girls can be just themselves without limits....

...and that is what I like to think in this small way, on some days, I do....

...Besides they're cute as hell...!)


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patty's Day.....Sonas Ort!!

St Patricks Celebration is upon us once again,
 and I am reminded of  a Poem I wrote a bit ago....



 Happy St Patty's Day!!!

Ruddy Mane Scented so Fine,

Leading down the Path of Pleasure and Sin,

Twas a Wee Freckled Lass,
Who Artfully
and thoroughly

She was and is a Nymph Refined,
Naked and Blushing,
Full of Spark and Sass,
Long Legs
to Seduce
as they Unwind....

Oh yes,
Twas a Wee Freckled Lass,
Who Stole Me Heart,
Just Bold
as Brass!

Her Seduction, Pure Art,
Artless yet Artfully applied,
Nibbling Kisses
like Sweet
Bewitching her Seductive Smile 'n Twitching Irish Ass,

Nary a Day Doth Pass,
Lest I touch the spot she kissed, arms entwined....
Hiontach Sweet Mine.....

A Sip of Jameson's
Your Lips caress with a Dragonfly's Flutter,
Light and Fine....


I am feeling Especially Gaelic Today! 'Tis the end of a long and pleasant well finished with an impromptu Toast to Sweetly Tempt the Soul and Seduce the Mind....

Willfully Played ...

Sonas ort!!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Ides of March

"Beware the Ides of March,"
He said, somewhat arch,
She mumbled softly, stretching,
As the morning light made her so very fetching,

"Ides?" she queeried, still half asleep,
"Yes," he whispered, kissing her awake,
Parting her knees and driving deep,
"I'd kiss you, I'd wake you... for you I'd take..."

She smiles reaching to meet his kiss,
"I'd welcome, I'd spread,"
She drew him to her, her lips to his,
Her heels guiding...

His hips to hers,
                                            And nothing,
                                                                 Left unsaid,


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