Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Touching You.....

I stumbled upon this just now.....  enjoy!


Tantra Tip of the Day- Write a Love Poem

Poetry can be powerful way to connect to the Divine. Write a Love today. If you are single write a love poem to yourself or a friend. Here is one a wrote last summer.

Touching You

Touching you, I open.
No words spoken.
Breathing together,
I see God in your eyes.

Flesh against flesh,
Beneath cool sheets,
Subtle waves flowing.
Dreams carry me a way.

Cool lips entice me back,
Your breath on my face,
Warm, sweet as cherries,
I inhale you into my heart.

There are no words for love.
Moments of no separation,
Melting together beyond form,
On a sea of emptiness we ride.

Crystal Dawn
June 21, 2009


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seriously, need I say a word.....

 Don't you just love those toes....
                        I could write a whole chapter on cute toes like that, they remind me very much of some lovely toes I have had the pleasure to know....


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Girls in Pearls....

Don't you just love,

Don't you just love,  a girl in Pearls,

Naked or nearly,

Her arousal seen clearly,

Don't you just love her kisses and swirls,

Love bites and soft mewls,

Sweet creamy skin, 

Smoldering eyes that whisper of sin,

Full breasts that offer

Oh Yes, Oh,  yes......      

Don't you just love,

Don't you just love a girl in Pearls.........




Sunday, June 19, 2011

Easy Like Sunday Morning.......

Easy Like Sunday Morning.....

Happy Father's Day!



Now, come back to bed....


(this last, compliments of Tempting Sweets)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Precious Cargo....

Precious Cargo....

Hmmm a good title for another story.... Precious Cargo...

Honeysuckle rose..that was the scent, or was it Lavender? He didn't remember which, not for lack of interest, though.... far, far from it. But rather, lack of training in the horticultural aromatic arts. That had always been his mother's purview and the loss of that knowledge with her passing had always been a source of regret. 

No, the subject of his memories occupied a far larger portion of his thoughts than he ever thought a woman could.  And one dear mother would find with approval.  A vivid flash of silken sheathed toes, polished to perfection, dallying in his lap suddenly crowded his mind.  the tiny golden anklet trapped under the silk, snaking across her be-speckled creamy skin,  a memory so vivid he thought for an instant she had returned and had crawled into his lap again....only to join his journey if but in a lingering remembrance, a precious cargo indeed.... 

Silken stockings, seamed, of course; was all she wore as he opened the door....  Her look enough to tell him she had plans...his soon to discover.




Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Beautiful Thought from Temptingsweets99....

Tempting Sweets: Story Heat: "“There is no remedy for love but to love more.” ~ Thoreau"

                                                                                                    Your scent lingers....                                                                                                       

No more need be said....   


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Endless Fascination.... 'tis she....

I wrote this in a bar a while back,  Alone, contentedly, in a crowd of friends.  Happily lost in the memories of her....

I was picking up the tab, but no complaints, life is...short...far, far too short...

Enjoy.....!   V~

Pouty Lips,

Sensuous hips,

A delicate nipple,






                                                                          Lips explore,

                                                                his and hers,

duets unfurled,


      the pleasures






From the Boardwalk Bar...... 'twas a succesful day,
      now time
                  to play.....


Monday, June 6, 2011

Seven of June......

Seven of June,

I am in a swoon,

Oh the thought of you to spoon,

Midnight and on to noon.....
Oh the thought of you,

...to spoon.....


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